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The song "Eternal" challenges this human conception that life is finite. The project as a whole suggests other forms of life can continue through technological advancement. What do you say to people who fear the future?

I love "Eternal" because I almost see it as this classic vampire story where lovers have this neverending romance through the ages. It was inspired by this couple named Martine and Bina Rothblatt. Their story is amazing, but basically their daughter got sick and there was no cure for what she had. They bought a patent for this medicine and developed a cure. To me, it's the ultimate story of taking agency of one's own life, and it's about the courage to save the ones you love. That courage saved other people's lives. Now Martine is trying to create AI versions of herself and has created Bina [as Bina48], so they can be in digital form, in love together forever.

Holly Herndon on Eternal

What comes out of the inside comes out and cannot return. The miracle and the curse are shaped like a circle - something that enters. Consuming and being consumed.

He says: it is because blood is also a code that contains the future. It is neither in the past nor in the present nor in the future, but rather contains them. Bleeding is an open question. Like what a body can do. What can blood do.

I’m thinking of Iván Zulueta and his cult film Arrebato [Rapture, 1980]. The film explores the concept of vampirism, or the external colonization of the body due to a presence that could be either friend or foe. That is, he represents the reappropriation of the body through aesthetic illumination. The literary idea appears in the film. In contrast to the biopolitical body of the Franco dictatorship, we now come upon the bioliterary body made up of literature and aesthetics; that is, an imagined body for emancipation. Given that our existing body doesn’t satisfy us and we have to get a new one, we’ll have to see how we’re going to go about that.

Germán Labrador