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Anonymous said...
I was sucked past 6 weeks. Lady at Dallas show said she & dog had Strokes from formaldehyde in Chinese sheetrock. Doing toxin fund raiser. She put me to sleep in booth! She threw energy darts at my customers. She took the better part of day, Could'nt sell,cost me money. not finished told her meet me in evening. sucked me each day & night 1 1/2 wks mind controlled me, she dropped something, I dropped my pen, crossed her legs, I crossed mine,I could'nt resist. Used crying how her dog died kept trying to get me to cry over death of dog, saying, OH! I DON'T WANT TO DIE!THEY TOLD ME TO GO TO HOSPICE,THAT I SHOULD NOT BE OUT WALKING AROUND! COUGH! COUGH! LOOKING BACK. She coughed to manipulate, lightly. She would even complain people WOULD NOT CRY WHEN SHE TOLD ABOUT DOG DYING,like a crime. Vampires get you emotionaly weak so can eat. said living out of car, lost all when had to get out of the black mold, it was in things so had to throw out, I understood, happened to me years ago mold spores grow again, wherever land. She would design her lanyard then re-figure over again EATING MY ENERGY. PITED HER PLIGHT,Sold below cost told her several times COULDN'T GET AGAIN, Just sell they'r 8yrs . On road called complained people in San Marcus were very close knit, they would'nt talk about each other. TOOK ORDERS..on things I said COULD'NT REPRODUCE, yelled at me to just fill the order. LIKE I COULD PULL IT OUT OF MY EAR. quit taking calls on my cell phone, she filled message area. She drove back to Dallas accused me of stealing her designs, These are designs I GAVE HER..NOT THAT WAY AROUND..so she could make quick money said she had no money for gas.I realize she wanted me to give her GAS MONEY.... OR WHATEVER MONEY...JUST MANIPULATE ME..TO GET WHATEVER SHE COULD OUT OF ME. We had already been selling the pieces & the parts for some time.. Tries to get us to let her sit in office to string designs. then manipulate me saying I HAD SAID I WOULD MAKE THEM FOR HER INSTEAD OF HER MAKING THEM, I told her I NEVER said it, THEN TRYING FOR SYMPATHY "MY HAND IS SO WEAK IT TAKES SOO LONG TO STRING" COUGH! COUGH! I said It's THERAPY,MORE YOU USE IT STRONGER IT GETS & YOU RE-GROW BRAIN TISSUE FOR THAT MOVEMENT, EVEN IF IT TAKES 3 DAYS TO MAKE ONE. (THE SAME I HAD TO DO...WITH MY STROKE...) AT NIGHT I WAKE FEEL HER DRAGGING AT ME IN MY SLEEP...SHE EVEN SAYS SHE STAYED UP MOST OF THE NIGHT THINKING ABOUT ME since STOLE HER IDEA. I told her not to come to the office until the late afternoon, I had shows in Vegas & had work to do. Came early wants to sit there & bead, disrupting again my son, employees,for 5 1/2 hours not getting anything done or us. First met, she would HUUGGG ME, oh thank you for being so nice! She gave me body mites..the no seeums that itch & bury into the skin. Hundreds of $$ of products to get rid of them & out of my son's car I had driven that day, out of my office, & home. She denied it, but"They said I had gotten rid of them at the hospital, & they have me on anti-hystimines so they don't bother me anymore" SHE KNEW WHAT SHE HAD, WILLINGLY PASSED THEM ON TO ME. She came back from San Antonio, she kept saying she was rid of them & ok for her to sit in my office & bead. She wanted beads I pkd at market years ago. The tag 12.75 I had paid, told her would give at my cost. When I wasn't there, She asked my husband for a better price, now I am in hole. Manipulator, liar, energy vampire. Got red candle inscribed Archangel Michael requesting help & protection. We will see what he does. get prayer on internet. Use 91st Psalm then Archangel Michael's prayer. I am putting the purple flame around myself & white light around myself & my son... Sympathy is how she works, she gets you griefy then sympathy then eats
August 10, 2012 at 5:21 PM